• In human anatomical drawings, the inner workings of the body are presented – either for clarity or artistic license – as colorful and beautiful. The inherent complexities and symmetries of the human form are detached from how they would be seen by the naked eye in an observational (for example, an autopsy) setting. The chaos of blood and gore, and even individuality - as there are no faces to these generalized bodies - has been removed.

    I am interested in the dissonance that allows us to explore our anatomies without the physical experience of looking at a dissected human body. In becoming disassociated from the corporeal, the drawings have been rendered more akin to otherworldly forms of sea creatures or alien beings. The body’s networks and their mathematical symmetry are enhanced and emphasized.

    In my work, I seek not to replicate traditional anatomical reference, but to create new and strange objects that seduce the viewer with odd but familiar and repulsive yet compelling forms. Like the horror film, I aim to stimulate morbid curiosity by providing the experience of horror from a “safe”, abject distance. I would like the viewer to wonder exactly why they were compelled to look in the first place - to see the beauty in horror. It is my intent to create a new anatomy: one of the unfamiliar.